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Author: Lucea Eldemire
Title: Zalia the Lost Koala
Target: £1,200


I am a prophetic artist and mother of four, I was born in Derbyshire but grew up in the Cayman Islands, and I now live in Bristol.

 I’m all about the great journey of life as we don’t know it, I work from my faith and am guided through every piece of creation that is produced through it, I have written many manuscripts but only pushed my illustration side forward until now, I am also a visual artist and a portrait artist, but this time it was put on my heart to write and illustrate a picture book for children, that really touched their hearts and made them think in their language, but that was educational at the same time.

The only hurdle is the Christian related factor.

‘Zalia the Lost Koala’ is not a book for Christians – it is a book for everyone and anyone and is based on the values and teachings of Jesus - not religion, it is simply based on love.

Personally, I believe that true children’s book critics are the children themselves,

So as well as various places and people, I decided to also test drive a proof copy with my children’s local school. They loved it and said I should consider having it published. The teacher said Zalia calmed the children down and there was a great sense of peace in the classroom for the entire day, which is pretty amazing considering they were 4-5 year olds!

This was a green light for me to take it to the next level.

Of course, there are risks with being a debut author trying to release a book that is aiming for something different. The risk is fear, fear of failure, but the guarantee of success is your belief and faith in the message and this is certainly highlighted in Zalia's moral origin.

Love is limitless, and holds no impossibilities to ransom, with faith filled hearts in ourselves we find our supernatural identity where nothing is impossible, and everything is an open door, an opportunity, a season.


Zalia The Lost Koala

The delightful tale of Zalia, a baby koala who is lost and desperately trying to find her mummy.

This book has been inspired by faith and love as we know and don’t know it, whether it be lost or found, new or old. It depicts the story of how love can overcome all situations, break all barriers and bring acceptance through our differences. 'Zalia the Lost Koala' is a story of adventure and is also educational, through out her journey children will learn about each animal introduced including their natural habitat, finally, the book ends with a beautiful moral and message of love.

Zalia The Lost Koala