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We have a small but very dedicated team here to help in all aspects

David McCaffrey
Owner BNBS

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Kelly McCaffrey
Co-Owner BNBS




Maxine Groves
Publicity and Promotions Manager

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With over 25 years experience in sales, media, advertising, marketing and publishing, Maxine offers authors a wide range of affordable and effective book promotional services such as:



1. Review Generation Campaigns
2. Social Media Consulting
3. Book Blog Tours
4. Cover Reveal Events
5. Pre-Order/Launch Day Events
6. Author Blog Interviews
7. Kindle Scout Vote Generation
8. Exclusive Giveaways
9. Professional Beta Reading
10. Customised Promotions
11. Book Reviews

Enquiries are welcome and all packages can be adapted to suit individual needs. Please complete the form on her site to receive a services brochure: HERE 

AUTHORS: If you want me to consider reviewing your book please also use the form on the above link.

Maxine is ranked highly on Goodreads for Top Reviews and Most Popular Reviews and is also a Top Reviewer on Amazon UK and Amazon USA.

Siobhan Marshall-Jones
Proof reader/Copy editor

Siobhan Marshall-Jones is an editor/publisher, has run a dark ambient/noise/avant-garde/glitch record label, a small press, and is also a writer and artist who likes Belgian beer, French wine, French cheeses, and is an 'Absintheuse.

She has edited for Crooked Cat Books, Dead Tree Books, Spectral Press, Tickety Boo Books, and numerous individuals, some of whom are award-winning authors.

Siobhan also likes to paint resin busts in her spare time, whether they need painting or not.

She was born in Wales, sometime in the darkest depths of the early sixties in a snowbound winter, to book-loving parents - needless to say, her love of books was instilled by their positive influence.

Siobhan has attended art college, after which she travelled extensively following dodgy goth bands and then, after seven years, eventually went back to study computer multimedia at the University of Plymouth. She lives in the Midlands, along with five cats, a dog, two rabbits and six guinea-pigs.

Lisa Eddom-  Y.A & Horror Genre
Manuscript Advisor


Lisa is a self published author that submitted through BNBS when it first began so knows what it feels like to go through the process. Originally from Cardiff in South Wales, Lisa now resides in the beautiful Lincolnshire Countryside.

By day she juggles working as a Client Liaison/Account Manager for a Print & Design Company and being a Mother of 3. Lisa has extensive customer relations and product design  experience mixed with a love of anything supernatural.

Lisa is passionate and dedicated to finding uNdiscovered talent and guiding them through the amazing opportunity that BNBS offers to make them known in the literary world.


Julie Timlin -  Fantasy Genre
Manuscript Advisor


BNBS manuscript adviser Julie Timlin is the author of the Phoebe Wren Series, an exhilarating trilogy of books that seek to spark the imaginations of children and young adults (and even not-so-young-adults). She is currently working on her fourth book, a romantic novel entitled ‘Dear You’, and has every intention to keep writing for many years to come.

Julie has a degree in English from the Queen’s University of Belfast, and is a passionate advocate of the English language and the written word. She taught English for several years, and now lives and works on the southern shores of Lough Neagh in beautiful Northern Ireland, with her husband Marty and their two daughters, Cait and Ella. 

When she’s not reading books or manuscripts, Julie loves to spend time with family and friends, and will never, ever refuse an invitation to the cinema..!