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Katie Budge

Written by: Katie Budge
Illustrations by: Jen Aranyi

Kickstarter Target - £1300

Please help me to get my book out there, I think stories are so important in a child's life. To help with their speech and language and their imagination. It's also important to have that one to one time with a loved one reading together, or reading with friends or even reading by themselves. 

This story teaches children the importance of sharing and friendship, stories  are a fantastic way of teaching children important life lessons. 

And remember, no money will be charged unless I reach my target and will not be taken until the end of the campaign.

Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy the story!

Katie Budge 

Percy the Pigeon
'Percy the Pigeon was greedy, he loved to eat and eat. his whole body was round and chubby, from his head right down to his feet.'

Help get Percy the Pigeon Published and receive fantastic benefits.

Our way of saying Thank you to everyone that helps.

Pledge £1 or more
Receive early drafts of Percy the Pigeon in digital form and see how it developed.

Pledge £3.99 or more
Receive a digital copy of Percy the Pigeon two weeks prior to it's official release

Pledge £7.99 or more
Receive a copy of the book two weeks prior to release and have their name printed inside

Pledge £14 or more
Receive 2 copies of Percy the Pigeon

Pledge £30 or more
Receive a bundle of 4 BNBS children's titles

Pledge £39 or more
Receive 5 copies of Percy the Pigeon

Pledge £70 or more
Receive a bundle of 6 BNBS titles

Pledge £150 or more
Become a main character in a BNBS novel




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